1 March 2020

The corona virus, more precisely the Covid-19 virus, which surfaced in China at the end of last year, is becoming spreading widely. The WHO (World Health Organization) has determined that the virus is a global pandemic. Incidentally, contamination is only possible from person to person. The virus is spreading more and more worldwide, and in Kenya, the virus now has 3 confirmations. Quarantine measures are taken locally, with no regional lock-downs in place. Naturally, in those situations movement is still possible.Everyone has a responsibility to prevent spread and Ngurumah Tours and Travel is preparing to take action quickly. The health of employees and customers is paramount.


Our business activities are constantly being adjusted to reduce potential effects. All measures are consistent with those of the health authorities. All our vehicles are regularly cleaned and disinfected and all customers will be sanitized before entry into the vehicles. Ngurumah Tours and Travel is prepared to take operational measures in the event that operations are specifically affected. These are aimed at limiting the consequences for the delivery of services and at least protecting other parts of our company.

Traveling into the country has been temporarily been limited to Kenyan citizens and foreigners with valid residence permits until Monday 16th March 2020 23.59 HRS EAT to allow travel for those who are already en-route. After this time elapses, all incoming flights will be suspended for 12 more days following the Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive.

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MAR 15, 2020